1st International Conference - Minimal standards & quality assurance in oncology 13-14 ottobre

13.10.2017 09:30 - 14.10.2017 13:30
Orto Botanico Padova
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Categorie: Sanità
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The 1st International Conference “Minimal Standard & Quality Assurance in Oncology: Focus on treatment of solid tumors” aims to bring together specialists from different medical disciplines, epidemiologists, representatives of scientific societies, public institutions, pharmaceutical companies and patients to discuss highly strategic oncological issues. More in detail, this conference will address: • Quality Assurance (QA) issues in the principal oncology therapies and most frequent tumors • Key elements for QA process • Possible interactions among the health- care system, academia and industry. A QA process is essential to administer the best available treatment and it may help in understanding the impact of these treatments in the real world, in particular of innovative therapies and it requires a multidisciplinary approach. It is common opinion that these issues cannot be taken on and solved by a singular stakeholder.

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