Access to biological samples: use and implementation of BBMRI tools

06.02.2018 09:30 - 06.02.2018 16:00
Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Postato da Amministrazione.
Categorie: Sanità
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The event focuses on the informatics tools for the access to samples. The access to samples is a central topic for biobanking and there is great need of being more informed about the informatics tools developed by BBMRI-ERIC . The event aims to disseminate the operation and use of IT tools developed by BBMRI to boost access to samples, both from the point of view of the user (researcher and/or other partner interested in obtaining samples for the realization of scientific objectives) that of the provider (biobanks, institutions that commit significant human and infrastructural resources for the collection and conservation of biological samples for research purposes). Then, the event is addressed to biobank personnel, in particular to manager and IT technicians, and to researchers that intend to use and to become familiar with Information Technology instruments for the access to samples.

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