Why Think Tanks matter in the era of digital and political disruptions

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Today’s world is witnessing the rise of populism, nationalism, and protectionism. In this context, migration, climate change, old and new security threats emerge as key challenges. There is an ever growing need to get to the roots of these issues. A task especially suited for think tanks, which aspire to shape public opinion and influence policy makers.
Are think tanks able to keep up with the speed of today’s global changes? Can they stand out among misleading and fake news, which thrive in social and new media? Can they convey messages that are both accurate and easy to understand by the wider public? Are they truly independent, and do they provide unbiased analyses? To what extent do their initiatives facilitate dialogue among business leaders, experts, and politicians?
ISPI and IAI address these topics in a joint event in the context of “Why Think Tanks Matter”, an initiative taking place simultaneously in over 150 cities across the world, promoted by the University of Pennsylvania.
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