Innovation and Road to Recovery: a perspective from Dublin

Innovation and Road to Recovery: a perspective from Dublin

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Next Wednesday, June 17th, a 1-Hour Talk will be held. The webinar will focus on the capabilities of the Dublin Tech-Hub, both from the perspective of the academia and businesses. Together with the panelists, we will discuss the key role that research, development and innovation are playing for individuals, communities and society in Ireland and abroad in the road to recovery.

Introduction and opening remarks
Andrea Battista
President, Luiss Alumni Association (ALL)

Panel discussion
Dr. Graham McMullin
BA BAI, Ph.D, Technology Transfer Case Manager, Physical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin – Research and Innovation Center
Gary Leyden
Commercial Director, National Digital Research Center (NDRC)
Luca Ascani
CEO, Lambda Alpha and Co-Founder, TalentGarden Dublin

Martina Cocciolillo
Luiss Alumna, First Ambassador, Chapter ALL Dublin
Martina Boccia
Luiss Alumna, Research & Development Product Manager, BNP Paribas Cardif