Beyond the Euro-crisis: the Eurozone, Brexit and the Future of Europe

Beyond the Euro-crisis: the Eurozone, Brexit and the Future of Europe

Da 27.02.2020 14:30 fino a quando 27.02.2020 16:30

a Libera Università di Bolzano

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On 27-28 February 2020, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano will host the second conference of the BRIDGE network event series, in collaboration with DCU Brexit Institute, the University of Copenhagen and the Central European University.

The conference “Beyond the euro-crisis: Eurozone, Brexit and the Future of Europe” will take place in Bolzano, Italy and focus specifically on the issues of Brexit and the legacy of the Euro-crisis and their implications for the future of Eurozone governance and Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

Thursday 27 February:

14:30: High-level Policy Dialogue, featuring Joanne Kellerman, Chair of the Dutch Pension fund PFZW and former Member of the Single Resolution Board and Pier Carlo Padoan, Member of Italian Chamber of Deputies and former Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

16:30: Panel discussion on the Causes and Consequences of the Euro-Crisis.

Friday 28 February:

9:00: Panel 2 on Eurozone governance and constitutional differentiation

11:00: Panel 3 on the Euro-crisis in relation with money, people and value

14:00: Panel 4 on Brexit and the Future of Europe.

16:00: Final Keynote Speech by Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament

The event will close with a Reception sponsored by KPMG in Italy.