Terza Conferenza Internazionale sulla riduzione delle Emissioni navali nel Mediterraneo

Da 18.03.2019 09:30 fino a quando 18.03.2019 17:00

a Representation of the European Commission Madrid

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Madrid - 18.3.2019 - Terza Conferenza Internazionale sulla riduzione delle Emissioni navali nel Mediterraneo


9:30 Get together 

10:00 Welcome – María García, Ecologistas en Acción

10:05 Institutional opening

• Juan Luis Ballesteros, Political analyst of the European Commission representation in Spain.

• José Luis Ábalos, Minister of Public Works and Transport of Spain (tbc).

10:20 Air pollution from Ships

• Air pollution from ships at the Mediterranean coastline – Mar Viana, EGAR.

• Harmful impacts of shipping pollution - Sönke Diesener, NABU.

• Impact of air pollution on cultural heritage sites – Alessandra Bonazza, ISAC.

• Environmental impact of low emission shipping - Sari Repka, EnviSum project.

11:15 Coffee

11:45 Core Session – Impact Assessments for a Mediterranean ECA

• Presentation of impact assessments:

1. France – Océane Rignault. French Environmental Ministry; Laurence Rouil, INERIS. 

2. REMPEC -first results – n.n.(tbc)

3. The European Commission - François Wakenhout/Rosa Antidormi, DG Environment, European Commission. 

• Spanish position - Benito Nuñez, General Director for the Merchant Marine, Ana Oñoro, General Director for Sustainable Coastal and Marine Environments.

13:00 Patchwork in shipping regulation and health protection in Europe

• SECA success story in the North - Carsten Møberg Larsen, Clean Air Ambassador, Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

• Panel discussion – Chair: Kåre Press-Kristensen, Panelists: Sotiris Raptis, European Sea Ports Organisation; Eleonora Evi, MEP; Tor Christian Sletner, CLIA Europe (tbc).

13:45 Lunch Break

14:45 Port cities and air pollution

• Air pollution measurements in port cities – Dr. Axel Friedrich

• City mayors call for a Med ECA – Antonio Cozzolino, Mayor of Civitavecchia; Frederic Ximeno, Commissioner for Ecology of Barcelona; Mayor of Genoa (tbc),...

15:15 Round table talk: IMO process – next steps after the assessments

Chair: Bill Hemmings; Panelists: n.n., REMPEC (tbc), François Wakenhout/Rosa Antidormi, EC, Océane Rignault., French Environmental Ministry.

15:45 Closing Remarks – Daniel Rieger, NABU

16:00 Reception 

Bar Lateral, Paseo de la Castellana 42, Madrid.

Facilitator of the day: Isabell Büschel (T&E).

The conference will be simultaneously interpreted to Spanish and English.