Can Energy Communities Contribute to the Transition and Solving the Energy Crisis?

Can Energy Communities Contribute to the Transition and Solving the Energy Crisis?

19.10.2022 14:00 - 19.10.2022 15:00
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This edition of FSR Talk will discuss how energy communities can contribute to the energy transition in Europe and beyond.

In the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe must radically transform its energy system to ensure a reliable and affordable energy supply to its citizens and firms.

Can energy communities be part of the toolbox that Europe and other parts of the world rely upon to accelerate the decarbonization of the energy system and shield consumers from extraordinarily high and volatile prices?

Falling renewable energy costs and digitalization of energy make it possible. However, is technological progress enough? Are households and firms concretely interested in joining collective action? Can viable business models be built around the notion of community energy? What is the role of public policies and regulation?

FSR faculty members Jean-Michel Glachant, Nicolò Rossetto and Swetha Ravi Kumar will discuss these issues with Sabine Lӧbbe, Fereidoon Sioshansi and David Robinson. These scholars recently edited a new book, “Energy Communities: Customer-Centred, Market-Driven, Welfare-Enhancing?”, which collects many relevant contributions on the matter from Europe, America and Australia. The Talk will be an opportunity to hear the main insights they got while producing the book and discuss the implications of the current energy crisis.


  • Introduction and initial speech by the guest speakers: Jean-Michel Glachant (5’), Sabine Lӧbbe, Fereidoon Sioshansi, David Robinson (20’)
  • Discussion with Nicolò Rossetto and Swetha Ravi Kumar (15’)
  • Q&A with the audience (20’)


Jean-Michel Glachant | FSR


Sabine Lӧbbe | Reutlingen University

Fereidoon Sioshansi | Menlo Energy Economics

David Robinson | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


Nicolò Rossetto | FSR

Swetha Ravi Kumar | FSR

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