Forum on Digital Transformation | Steering transition through turbulence

Forum on Digital Transformation | Steering transition through turbulence

16.05.2022 14:00 - 16.05.2022 16:00
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Recent Russia's attempts to disconnect itself from the Internet and China’s longstanding Great Firewall may lead to "digital iron curtains” around the world. The Ukraine war may further accelerate this trend and scale-up cybersecurity threats. Despite these gloomy prospects, digital transformation remains a pillar of tomorrow’s fair and sustainable prosperity worldwide

How to fight digital fragmentation and move to a universal and affordable Internet access? How to strike a balance between digital soveregnity and data protection? To what extent can digital technologies contribute to better jobs and fairer future? What are the lessons learned on cybersecurity in the wake of the Ukraine war? 


Digital technologies: triggering a more sustainable economic growth

Fighting fragmentation: affordable and universal Internet access

The puzzling link between digital sovereignty and data protection

What it takes for well-functioning and fair global digital markets

Cybersecurity: lessons learned after the war in Ukraine

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